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Getting management skill with your family only 1month program easy to apply


feedback-image2 International Certificate
Besides ArTech’s, there are logos of United Nations University (UNU), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and ISO
"With Primary Level, those who has gained an understanding of the ISO management method and succeeded in environmental management at home will be issued with International Certificates.
This certificate shows that sufficient problem solving ability towards environmental issues, which meets the standard of the board of International Certificate Committee for Kids’ISO14000 Programme, has been officially proven.
ArTech hopes that the kids who receive the certificates may grow up to be adults who will not just manage the environment at home but expand the ability to tackle global environment issues and make a positive contribution to the society.

※The certificates will be issued to those who has achieved minimum 80% of standard set by ArTech.
Both the International Certificates and the Primary Level evaluation sheets will be returned to the certificate receivers and only the evaluation sheet will be returned to the kids who did not meet the certification standard. "


Upon application, please confirm the following content.​

To participate in the program, an application is required. Before you apply, please read the following “Suggestions upon application”,
“Terms of use”
, and “Privacy policy”. You need to agree to these documents before starting the application process. ​

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Please contact us if you are interested in group and school discounts (over 10 people).

We have general instruction for teachers.

How to apply

apply You need to apply from the application form to participate in the Web beginner’s program.
Please fill out the necessary items, and your user ID, initial password, and URL for login will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

About the program fee

- The fee to participate in the Web beginner’s program is US$ 70/person.

- The cost associated with paying the fee and the cost to connect to the internet (cost for the internet provider and/or phone calls) shall be paid by the applicant.

- After necessary items are filled out on the application form, an invoice shall be sent to the registered e-mail address via PayPal. The payment will be due in 14 days from the date of issue.
Punctual payment is requested.

- Please be advised that cancels after making the payment shall not be accepted under any circumstances

. - The fee listed on this page for the Web beginner’s program is as of August 2015. Please note that the fee may be changed in the future without any prior notice.

Precautions upon participating in the program

- This program is for participants to attempt to eco-manage the household based on the management methods.
You need to enter all the activities and submit them online for international certification review.
You cannot refer to the information you entered online after submitting them.
If you need the information, please have them available to you on your own.

- If your payment cannot be confirmed for a certain period of time after you apply for the Web beginner’s program, your account will be deleted.
The account can be reinstated within 30 days of deletion, however, you need to reapply for the program after 30 days.

- After making the payment, if you do not submit your works for a certain period of time, please be advised that a notice will be sent your registered e-mail address and your account will be suspended.

E-mail address

mail In this program, how children are taking a part in the program and notices regarding the program will be sent to the guardians of the children via e-mail.
Therefore, the e-mail address of the guardians needs to be registered.

About the payment

paypal An invoice of the Web beginner’s program fee will be sent to the registered e-mail address via PayPal.
The payment is due within 14 day of the arrival of the invoice. Any cost associated with making the payment shall be paid by the applicant.

Operating requirements

pc/tablet image - To participate in the Web Kids’ ISO 14000 beginner’s program, the following devices or the network environment will be required: a PC or a tablet type terminal, and the internet environment.
 Please confirm the above and proceed to registration from the button below.

Terms of use