About Kids’ISO 14000 Programme

The Mission of Kids' ISO 14000 Programme

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The Kids ISO 14000 Programme was designed to create a better society through worldwide collaborative efforts.
The purpose of the program is to facilitate the growth of our children in the area of leadership and management, and to mold their thinking that current existing problematic social issues can impact us privately anytime, thus should be solved systematically.

The program aims to develop children capable of finding comprehensive solutions to challenging situations, guiding and influencing colleagues to think strategically, and to demonstrate to society that these solutions are indeed viable.
The certified instructors of ArTech, have been given the responsibility to evaluate the projects of the children, and their process of project development.

 By going through this, the children will be inspired and will develop self-confidence based upon their achievements.
This is the mission of the Kids’ ISP 14000 Program.

Contents of the Program

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■ Primary

Primary level program aims to learn a way to solve a problem. Participants will implement environmental management at home for a month.
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■ Intermediate
Intermediate level program aims to develop ability of working together with other people to solve a problem in a community with leadership, proposing a solution, and improving it logically by implementing PDCA cycle.

■ Adavanced
Advanced level program aims to develop world citizens joining a global network. Participants will implement activity to solve a problem in their community together with other country’s group.

3 key points of the program
3 key points Your child’s achievements will be fully evaluated by “Kids’ ISO Evaluation System.” The students will become fully aware of every aspect of current environmental issues.

3 key pointsThe students will learn a proven concept of problem-solving by practicing an environmental management strategy: the application of the PDCA cycle.

 3 key pointsThey will ultimately create global networks of independent children who can solve complex issues at any level of difficulty.

The Kids’ ISO 14000 Programme is a system to be integrated.
If you would like to implement it in your area or country, you should view the whole system process so you can fully understand how it works.  Contact us

Results of the Program

There has been more than 300,000 children who have participated in the program beginning from the year 2000 until 2015.
The survey conducted after the program completion states that 95% of children and 87% of parents answered that their awareness about the environment was raised. And, 86% of participants said that their communication among family members at home was improved.

Have you changed
the way you think about ecology
after participating in the program?

yes 95%

Have you changed
the way you think about ecology
after participating in the program? 

yes 87%

Do you communicate
with each other more following
your participation in the program?

yes 86%

Moreover, the participants have successfully reduced the consumption of home energies by 10% in average, resulting in great reduction of the CO2 emission.

“I have created these results!”
Such self-confidence earned during teenage years through the program will undoubtedly empower children to think big regarding their future lives.

Collaboration with the United Nations and the United Nations Agencies

United Nations University (UNU), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO), are the institutions
 ArTech has been in collaboration with worldwide.

The Kids’ ISO 14000 Program is designed based on the structure that the ISO14001, an International standardized environmental management system, provides. It is the only environmental, educational program that the ISO has authorized for use of their logo and the name of “ISO” for the education of all children.

The students who have studied and completed the program will receive a certificate with the logos of UN, and UN agencies printed on it. The International Certification is highly recognized, prestigious and honored around the world.
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 3 Important Achivement Goals