Do you believe in the need for us to teach children to think
and act for themselves in any circumstances?

Today, we face changes from climate change, such as global warming, globalization, changes
to our social environment brought about by the Internet, and in our family relationships.

This means that it is difficult for us to predict the future. In an unforeseen world such as this,
is it sufficient for us to be teaching our children only our past experience and knowledge?

The Kids’ ISO 14000 program will provide the education needed in today’s unforeseen world.

Kids' ISO 14000 Programme

- 3 important keys -

Learning management skill
Learning management skill

Adopted from scientific management skills, children will find the system of Plan-Do-Check-Act, after gaining an understanding of the situation and setting a target, to be a useful tool for the future, and successful experience plays an important part in future success.
All successful people are aware of this method and management skills are an essential quality in any circumstances throughout life.

The International Committee of ArTech will certify children’s ability that they can propose a solution to various problems on environment and solve problems logically. This certificate is valid all over the world and it demonstrates competency in the skills represented in the certificate such as problem-solving skill. Thus it would contribute to their educational advancement, getting a job, or project management. In other words, this would pave the way for certified children’s future.

We hope children who receive the certificate will actively take action on various issues not only in their home/community but also around the world. We sould like them to be a person contributing to society or humanity.

After you are certified primary level and having a problem-solving ability, you can join a global network.
When you implement the intermediate level advanced level program, you would find a counterpart in other country through this network.
Participants will be able to accomplish a great outcome joining a network of children who have a problem-solving ability and a same goal.

Now it’s available online for everyone to join!