Support our program

Support our program

Our ultimate goal is to create a global network for children, as we believe management skills are not just for use by yourself but for those around you and within your society.
A network will make you realize that you are actually part of and involved with the challenges that other people or societies are facing, and thus it is important to create a global network that involves children in developing counties and also those who are not able to participate in it for whatever reason. In addition, management skills will become essential for children in developing countries.
We believe that people will need to support them not just by providing material things but also by providing training in such areas as problem-solving skills and learning how to think and act for themselves.

To everyone who agrees with the concept of our program,
we would kindly ask you to make a donation followings; 

・Cooperation for the participation fees for children in developing countries and for those who cannot afford the fees themselves.

・Cooperation for costs of platform maintenance and development

・Cooperation in events, including online meetings for children

*We are applying for 501(c)3.