Who we are

Who we are

The official name of our organization is “International Art and technology Cooperation Organization (ArTech).” “ArTech” is a term that combines “Art” and “Technology.”

While various technologies had been developed in the 20th century, we have faced difficulties such as environmental problem and mental problem. So in the 21st century, we should balance art with technology and also developed countries with developing countries. For achieving these ideas, we established ArTech in 1999 and registered as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) in Tokyo in 2000.
We have four main projects; “Plasma High-Tech Center” and “Bio High-Tech Center” are to develop people-friendly technology, “Art Center” is to create new arts with high-tech, and “Kids’ Project” is to cultivate children. The main activity of the project is “Kids’ ISO 14000 programme.”

In 2010, ArTech was certified for consultative status by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). This allows us to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with UN and to make suggestions on UN activities based on our results of Kids’ ISO 14000 programme.
We had established “ArTech International” in New York in 2014. This will be a base for overseas activities.

Our projects are based upon four important cornerstones

The “Plasma High-Tech Center” and the “Bio High-Tech Center” are charged with the purpose of developing human and ecological friendly technologies. 
The “Art Center” finds new ways of art utilizing state of high-tech art applications;
The “Kids’ Project,” directly managed by the headquarters, is focusing primarily on the Kids ISO 14000 Program.  It is widely integrated in Japan and other countries.